Angel juicer extracting housing with standard filter 316 Stainless steel tougher grade
Part Number Angel-Juicer-Angelia-Housing
UPC LIHD-HOST002-B-standard-316
Category Angel Home-use Parts
Brand Angel Juicer Home-use Parts
ISBN No Angel Standard Extracting Housing 316 Stainless

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Angel juicer new Angelia model extracting housing standard filter part made of tougher Stainless Steel grade 316 (18-12) just as used in the Angelia series 8500S. The filtering width is fine which is similar to the filter you receive with the Angel juicer new Angelia model. This is the latest design that incorporate minor but important improvements that reinforced the structural strength at the pulp exit section. This filter would fit the latest Angel juicer models such as Angel juicer Super angel juicer models that have been manufactured within the last few years and all Angel juicer new Angelia juicer models.

This filter is made of Stainless steel grade 316 (18-12) which is similar to the stainless steel used in the Angel juicer model Angelia series 8500 S.

Please, note, to avoid damage to your Angel juicer housing, feed the machine small amount of food at a time and use the machine only for home use. The final stage of juicing, the machine is squeezing the remaining juice out of the exiting fiber. Therefore, the exiting fiber is dry. When you feed the machine more food and at a fast rate, there would create large pressure as the fiber is exiting dry and can cause damage to your housing. Please, feed the machine slow so you get the maximum benefit of the juice as the purpose of juicing. It is the quality of the juice that you are after, not the amount of volume in the shortest juicing time. Based on our ongoing testing and customer feedback, we have recently made minor but important structural improvement to the filter.

Angel juicer home use machines are not suitable for juicing sugarcane and should be avoided to prevent damage to the machine. We have a prototype machine that is still under testing for sugar cane and currently not available for retail.

Note, if you order the add on with your juicer order, then there is no additional shipping charge. Otherwise, we will add shipping charge US$50 to the order (will send you an invoice after the sale) to most destination.